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Launched in May 2016, MATRIX is Australia’s first international research institute for the mathematical sciences. By providing initial seed funding, ACEMS played a key role in getting MATRIX off the ground, along with The University of Melbourne. Subsequently, Monash University and the Australian National University came on board as Partners, and The University of Queensland became an Associate Member during 2021. ACEMS continues to be a supporting associate providing $100,000 per year. For details about the institute’s activities in 2021, see here.

Like 2020, the number of sponsorship requests in 2021 was significantly lower than pre-COVID years due to the pandemic. Details of the sponsored events can be found here.

The following is a list of events that ACEMS sponsored in 2021; an additional investment of $13,429.

ACEMS Sponsored events Sponsorship amount
Early Career Researcher and Student Statisticians Conference 2021 $3,636
2021 International Women in Maths Day event at Western Sydney University $1,250
2021 International Women in Maths Day event at Monash University $658
AMSI Winter School 2021 $4,360
WIMSIG 2021 event at The University of Adelaide $3,525